Photo album

History - this was our 144 MHz EME Array - 6x14 el. DJ9BV we ussed back in 90s.

Tower & antennas - this is the system I am ussing nowdays - 8 el. Log-Periodic by Titanex (14 - 30 MHz) and 2 slopers for 10MHz (East-West). The small antenna right down is 6 el. home brew Yagi for 50 MHz on a crank-up tower in a parking position.

6M DXCC - my 6M DXCC award

Vitek OK2ZV (ex OK2PSZ, ZA/OK2PSZ, ZA1AJ) - was a new one from Albania for many HAMs. This is Vitek in his shack there in Tirana.